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A crew member on a small cargo ship that was moored in its home port for the evening was going to carry out some minor maintenance work before the end of the working day. On the way up from the engine room he hit his head on a beam and lost consciousness. His workmates found the injured man lying on the ground. Low beams in the engine room and on the way up from the engine room have been covered with protective foam and marked with warning tape after the accident. In its SMS the company also has an important procedure that is carried out regularly, when experienced crew members and new recruits go on a tour of the ship together and discuss risks and incidents on the ship.
A similar accident happened on a small tanker that was going to take on board a pilot. A crew member was fixing the boarding ladder at the same time as filling the ballast in the afterpeak. He noted that the tank was full and that water was flowing on the deck from the bleed valve on the tank, and ran towards the pump room and the ballast board. When the crew member jumped through the door he hit his head hard on the battening down edge, fell unconscious and had a deep cut on his head. The injury needed stitches and the crew member had a headache for a long time after the accident.

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