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Fewer hijackings
The number of pirate attacks off Somalia has fallen dramatically since 2010, when there was a peak of 445 incidents reported. Up until 15 July nine incidents had been recorded, of which two were hijackings, but there are still 68 seafarers being held hostage.
A more stable situation in Somalia, improved protection in the merchant fleet and the navy’s presence are thought to lie behind the improvement.
Five sentenced in connection with Costa Concordia                                                                 
Five people (four shipboard personnel and the shipping company’s emergency officer) have been convicted in connection with the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which ran aground outside the Italian island of Giglio in January last year. They have been convicted of manslaughter, negligence and lack of seamanship for up to nearly three years in prison. The trial of the master is still in progress.
More fatal accidents
During the first half of the year, four people were killed in the marine sector. That is three more than in the same period last year.
The figures come from a recent summary by the Transport Agency. The statistics only cover accidents in Swedish waters.


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