International study of deck and engine room personnel

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The Swedish Club Academy in Gothenburg has started a survey on attitudes of seafarers. The man behind the project, Martin Hernqvist, explains that the idea is to analyse and increase awareness in three areas: safety, efficiency and job satisfaction.
“Attitudes are about people’s thoughts, and they determine how we behave. If we know how seafarers feel about their work and environment, we can also put in the right measures to improve things,” he says.
The project, called Maritime Attitude Survey (MAS), is aimed mainly at crew and officers in the deck and engine department. Through anonymous, web-based questionnaires the answers are submitted directly to the Swedish Club for compilation. Issues cover everything from attitudes to women onboard to cultural differences and safety management. ”We have said that several thousand sailors will be included in the investigation. If that means 2,000 or 10,000, we do not know at this point in time, but anyone who wants to participate is welcome. We want to have as broad a base as possible to get credible results,” says Martin Hernqvist.
For more information or if you want to participate, please contact Martin Hernqvist: 031-638-420, 0706-313 299 or

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