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As usual, there was a wide choice of lectures at the work environment conference in Nyborg, Denmark. After careful thought, I decided to go to the following:
The Health Life Cycle of the Filipino Seafarer
Dr Antonio Abaya, researcher at Health Metric Inc, has studied ill health among Filipino seamen over a five-year period. Out of 6000 sign-offs due to illness, heart problems were at the top of the list at 22%, closely followed by stomach problems (21%). Tuberculosis, remarkably, was the fourth most common reason at 11%.
Danish shipping – safety and the future
Andreas Nordseth, Director of the Danish Maritime Authority, told us about how Denmark will advance to being Europe’s leading seafaring nation, based on high-quality shipping.
Inside the Secret Industry of Shipping
Rose George, British journalist and author, has worked across the world for Colors, the Independent and the Financial Times. During the war in Kosovo she worked as a war correspondent for Condé Nast Traveler magazine, and was invited to Saddam Hussein’s birthday party on two occasions. Rose George told me how she stumbled into the maritime industry and soon realized that it was all about 90% of everything; that ships transported 90% of all the goods we produce and consume. According to her, the world’s seafarers should be awarded a Nobel prize for their work on the seven seas.
Formula One – Safety in the Fast Lane
Mark Gallagher, Managing Director, CMS Motor Sport Ltd, talked about how more and more was done to reduce risks and deaths in the Formula One circus over the years.
In my opinion, the conference is an incredible resource of knowledge. Danish shipping has a lot to teach us, both in terms of the work environment and safety culture!
Karl-Arne Johansson/SEKO Seafarers

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