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In connection with unloading, a partition wall was going to be moved in the hold of a dry cargo ship. The procedure was to remove the safety lines on each side of the bulkhead and to fix the partition onto the crane that moves the bulkhead. The pins that secure the bulkhead in the sides of the hold are removed, and finally the bulkhead is moved to its new position. In this particular case the master asked a less experienced able seamen to prepare to move the bulkhead by loosening the safety cables. The able seaman had signed on for the first time about a month previously and had been involved in moving the bulkhead once before during his time on board. The able seaman was alone on the deck while the rest of the crew were on a break. The able seaman misunderstood the order from the master and loosened the safety lines as well as the pins which hold the bulkhead before it is attached to the crane. The bulkhead, which weighs about 8 tonnes, fell onto the seaman’s foot, which was crushed and stuck under the bulkhead. The bulkhead could not be lifted until the rescue service had arrived and taken over the rescue operation. This accident highlights the importance of having good work procedures and risk assessment methods for everybody’s daily tasks. It also illustrates the importance of clear communication and the careful introduction of new staff to the workplace, particularly inexperienced people who want to show that they are willing. It is also important at the design stage to ensure that equipment can be used easily and safely.

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