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The master of a small passenger ship was going to run over to a sister ship to get a spare part. It was 10 – 15 degrees below zero, snowy and icy. The colleague onboard was still on the bridge and kept the ship against the dock. After a while he thought that it was taking a long time for the master to come back and looked out towards the other ship. He saw the master standing on the quayside and realized that something was wrong. He ran down to help and found that the master was injured. He had slipped on deck of the other ship, fallen badly and hit his head hard. The ship from which the master was fetching some parts had no mats or non-slip coating on the deck, and it was neither cleared of snow nor salted. The master was on sick leave for two months initially. It is important that surfaces on which people work and walk are non-slip and that there are routines and equipment to keep them free from snow and ice.

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