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The Accident Investigation Authority states that there are several publications for seafarers containing misleading information about the extent of potential snap-back areas. Among them, there is a publication that was available on board the Morraborg showing a picture which is also found in a guideline published by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, MCA. In figure 10, snap-back areas have been drawn in a misleading way, especially regarding the extent of the area along the beam. The Transport Agency states that such misleading information on hazardous areas is a risk in itself. The risks brought about through structural changes and replacement of hawsers should also be reconsidered with regard to their properties.
Recommendations by the Accident Investigation Authority to the shipping company may be considered as generally applicable and include carrying out a more comprehensive risk analysis of mooring work, and that the following at least should be taken into consideration: The pictures below, which are taken from the report, clearly show the differences between a diagram in the publication and an individual calculation of the hazardous areas.
Source: Swedish Accident Investigation Authority final report from 25/04/2014, RS 2014:03 Fatal accident on board the Morraborg in Holmsund port, Västerbotten, on 3 July 2011, ref. S-95/11.

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